Nak Muay Challenge is a fight event where every profit gained from the event are donated to a charity organisation. Nak Muay means a person who trains muay thai, while challenge means to fight to decide who is superior in terms of ability or strength.


Most of us have the choice to decide what we want, what to fight for, what to ignore, what to pursue, and so on. But some people do not have the choice, just because of the situation that they are in. What Nak Muay Challenge really means is to help the unfortunate who has no choice but to fight life the harder way, compared to most of us. 

The charity organisation that will be donated to will not be disclosed until the event is over due to some paperwork matters. But we hope to be given the trust from everyone that our main intention for Nak Muay Challenge is to offer a helping hand for the needy.

3RD EDITION  |  29TH MAY 2021

Nak Muay Challenge 3 will be happening on the 29th of May 2021. It will be a closed event where we will not be accepting any audiences, but we would greatly appreciate if you wish to join force with us in raising funds for donation.

We thank you for your kind heart and we believe these donations will go a long way for those unfortunate individuals trusted by the charity organisations.

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Nak Muay Challenge 1

30th June 2018

Raised $300 for Boys'Town

Nak Muay Challenge - Rare Breed Gear

Nak Muay Challenge 2

08th September 2018

Raised $700 for Boys'Town

Nak Muay Challenge - Rare Breed Gear