4 Reasons Why Muay Thai Is Good For Women

When we talk about muay thai, there are some stereotypes that make people think it promotes violence. Which is totally NOT TRUE! People tend to forget that muay thai is a sport, a workout that is actually suitable for everyone. Here are a four reasons why women have to train muay thai.

Burn 1000 calories in an hour

Training muay thai is an excellent way to supplement your weight loss program, or at least to maintain your weight. By burning 1000 calories in a workout, that already shows that you do not have to worry about exceeding your daily calories intake. 1000 is a lot! To understand about losing weight and calculating the calories, you should check out Muay Thai Pros. There’s definitely no better full body workout than Muay Thai. This is because you’d utilize various muscle groups when you execute all those strikes which includes kicks, knees, punches, and elbows. And yes not forgetting clinching! So you want to burn more calories, pick up muay thai!

Boost your confidence level

Muay thai trains your mind and body. Apart from it being a workout, which helps you to achieve your ideal body goal, muay thai helps you to feel good about yourself. Imagine being able to shop easily and just doll yourself up in any nice dress, it makes you feel good about yourself cause you know you are beautiful. With that nice, toned body, you would look great in any outfit!

Apart from that, when you start believing in yourself, you tend to exhibit great levels of confidence. Muay Thai gives you all the necessary boosts to make you feel good about yourself. You will have learned self-defense techniques, you will have reduced levels of stress and anxiety, you will be physically more in shape than before, and basically have become a true warrior!

Self Defense for women

Muay Thai is pretty much simple and straightforward. With the strikes that you learn during the muay thai classes, if there is any man trying to get funny with you on the streets, they will get their first muay thai class from you for free, on the streets. Get what I mean? Lol. And fact that majority muay thai gyms have male members, it is very common that you have to partner up with them during drills, which allows you to get comfortable when facing a bigger attacker on the streets. That means you’d be able to protect yourself and get away from danger. You will be your own bodyguard!

Great Stress Management

If you work in an office environment or have a lot of stress in your life, muay thai is a fantastic way to unwind and release you stress. Hitting bags and pads as hard as you can really help to alleviate stress, anxiety and all the problems that go hand in hand with life. It’s not just hitting things as hard as you can, exercise releases endorphins in your mind that can help to improve your mood, prevent disease and give you a better quality of life.

So if you have not tried any muay thai classes yet, you definitely got to sign up as soon as possible. One of our partnering gym, PFG Muay Thai, is probably the first muay thai gym that you should try as they focus on traditional muay thai and at the same have very unique style of training routine to keep the sessions interesting for the members to have fun. PFG Muay Thai is listed as one of the top muay thai gyms in Singapore by Media One Marketing.

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