Jeremy Retires From Fighting, But Not From Muay Thai

If you have not heard his name, then I guess you are still pretty new in Muay Thai in Singapore. We had a great opportunity to interview one of the big names in the local muay thai community, Jeremy Jude.

We checked out your Instagram profile, 90% of your posts are muay thai related.

What is muay thai to you?

Close enough, but I would say 100% of my posts are related to muay thai, haha. It’s obvious that muay thai is something close to me, and has become part of my life.

Initially I was quite active and sporty when I was younger. After secondary school, things changed a little bit, and my attention shifted to drinking and partying. It took a toll on me and I grew tired of that life, and decided maybe I should shift my attention elsewhere.

Muay Thai particularly interested me, it’s a brutal yet beautiful martial art. Initially wanting to come to the gym just to workout and learn, 3 years later I found myself fighting my first professional bout in Thailand.

I’ve been fighting and training for many years. I had a late start. I started when I was 23, and

now I'm 36. So why I don't wanna stop is the same reason why I

started. Through muay thai, I am always learning. You come as a beginner. You learn certain things but there is always progression. You learn basic punches and kicks, defence, slowly moving into counters, strategy, and how to control the ring. The better I became, the level of competition increased, even though I didn’t win always, I have great memories fighting some really tough guys, especially in Thailand.

That was for the motivation for me to train and fight. Of course I want to be the best, but more importantly, I wanted to be better than I was yesterday..

If I'm not mistaken, you have already retired from fighting. Was that a hard

decision to make and what actually made you decide to stop?

Actually it was a really hard decision but I believe it was the right one. I was competing regularly, and in 2019 I suffered a broken eye socket when I was fighting in Thailand. This caused some muscle damage surrounding the eye, resulting in vision issues. At that time, I was advised to stop, but like any fighter, who listens to the doctor? Haha.

Once my fracture healed, I trained to fight again. At 34, I could feel my body slowly giving up on me. The vision issues didn’t help either. My family and friends constantly worried too, as I’d suffered quite a few serious injuries before. I struggled a lot initially coming to terms with the fact I won’t be fighting anymore, as it was my life for 12 years, and my goals, motivation and ambition revolved around fighting.

To walk away was hard, but it was the right decision. I believe God has plans for us all. Sometimes when he closes one door, he opens another.

I started teaching Personal Training sessions for Muay Thai so I could feel connected to the sport again. It didn’t hurt to make some extra money on the side as well. Fast-forward about a year or so, thanks to referrals and through enquiries on social media, I now have a steady stream of clients. I didn’t actually think I’d enjoy teaching so much, and I’d say it’s the next best thing to fighting for me. I get great satisfaction when my clients/students are interested in what I have to teach, and when I help them reach their fitness or learning goals. I hope one day, through Muay Thai, I can help change someone’s live, as it did for mine.

Now that you are teaching, do you hope that one day you will have fighters

representing you, or maybe opening your own gym?

This would certainly be a dream! I worked hard to get this knowledge and experience, and would hate to see it go to waste. I’ve definitely made some mistakes during my career as well. Now I’m in a position to advise others not to do so, and provide the best possible guidance, and if I do have fighters I hope they would go on to achieve much more than me!

Who is your best trainer by far?

Bia. While his gym is still around, unfortunately he has gone back to Thailand. To me, he’ll always be the best as he was the most dedicated trainer I had. He was encouraging of me fighting, and would train me very hard for each fight. He didn’t shy away from me fighting tough opponents, and his confidence in me gave me confidence in myself. “Just fight,” he would say bluntly. “Win or lose you still learn.”

He always made sure we were fight-ready. If we have fights coming up, he would even come

down during his off-day to hold pads for us. He always gave us 100% in training, which I

appreciate till this day. I believe in Singapore, no one trained harder than us. With Bia in my

corner, I never felt one ounce of nervousness stepping into the ring.

Who do you think is currently the best fighter in Singapore?

I believe it's my good friend, Alvin Sham. He is very talented. It is quite amazing to see what he has achieved for a short period of time. If not for COVID-19 and the lack of fight events, I believe he would still be actively fighting. He is already a 2 times WMO Singapore champion, and definitely capable of much more.

(Poster of a class that Jeremy Jude and Alvin Sham used to conduct together)

How do we book for a class to train with you?

Currently I do Personal Training and Small Group sessions at The Right Fit, which is based in Seletar Hills. Aside from it being a full-fledged gym, we have a Boxing Corner where I conduct my sessions. It is a great gym, with great people, and I have to thank the owners for being extremely supportive of me.

Anyone wanting to book a session with me or find out more is welcome to contact me via Instagram. The Right Fit offer regular monthly gym memberships at $80 too (which is a steal) for those seeking the amenities of a full-fledged gym,


Address: 32 Jln Kelulut, Singapore 809049 Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: 6283 9057

What will you do if someone comes to you and bangs the table while you are

having your meal?

Those that know me will know I am the most patient and it is almost impossible to get me angry! Haha. I would probably stay calm, and ask him how I can help? Haha.

I'm not temperamental, and I don’t let emotions affect my actions. This actually helped me a lot in the ring, being able to think rationally and operate under pressure. What I learned from the ring, I just apply it to everything I do in life now.






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