Nicolas Doesn't Even Know That He Is On A Winning Streak

Good fighters are everywhere, fighters who keep track of their record are common too. But who actually does not even realise that they are on a winning streak? This guy here! Nicolas Leung! He has had his hands raised for his last 4 fights yet he did not even realise. He simply fights for the passion and love for the sport. Rare Breed Gear had an opportunity to interview him last week! He really shows how humble of a person he is, who just loves the art of eight limbs.

1) Share with us what made you start training muay thai.

I started way back during my national service. I enjoy the art of eight limbs and understanding the different weapons and also the adrenaline that actually fuels my passion. I love the adrenaline especially when I step in the ring.

2) Where are you currently training and how do you manage working full-time and training at the same time?

I am currently training at PFG Muay Thai and I am a full time events & marketing coordinator. Actually it was quite hard at the start when I was transitioning from a student to working full time. I always reach the gym late, and it was quite tiring as well. But as time goes by, I start to understand that all the other members in the gym are also in the same boat as me. The fun and laughter we all had in the gym, spending our training time together, actually helps a lot in overcoming the tiredness from work. You know, when your mates are with you, it makes the training more easier and enjoyable.

3) You are on a winning streak. How does that feel, and are you excited for your next fight?

Haha I actually didn't really remember I am on a winning streak. Actually I feel a bit sucky cause I was actually scheduled to fight a semi pro fight in Malaysia, then Covid-19 hit and the event was cancelled. It is a bit unfortunate, but I am looking forward to my next fight.

4) Do you think girls find you hot when they see you fight in the ring?

Haha I hope so lah. Because my hair is messy, very sweaty, then getting hit in the face. These might not be the best photos, but if they find me hot then it is a bonus ah. Haha. But it's quite sad that so far no girls slide in my DM le.

5) What do you hate the most when preparing for a fight?

Definitely maintaining the diet coming up to a fight. I really love cakes and waffles a lot, especially cakes. When I'm dieting, definitely I can't eat all these sweet things.

6) If someone tries to beat you up on the streets, how do you think you will react?

Maybe throw a lift kick to the face first? Haha. But if I'm outnumbered, definitely I will run away ah. If I think I can defend myself and the people around me, I will fight back.

7) What's more important? To look good, or to feel good?

To feel good. When you feel good, you will have that confidence brew inside you, making you look younger and brighter.

8) Lastly, if your girlfriend tells you to stop training muay thai, will you stop?

Also have to put in consideration if that girl is willing to date me le. Haha. Of course there are other more important factors, not just the common interests. But it would be a bonus to have a girlfriend who trains with me, cuts weight with me, not eating cakes with me. Someone to go through the fight preps together.

Rare Breed Gear looks forward to Nic's future fights.

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