Outdoor Training with Singapore's Best Gyms

It is unfortunate that Singapore has to face another phase where many gyms are affected by the many restrictions imposed due to the Stricter Safety Management Measures. Here are some of the restrictions for gyms to conduct classes indoors from 8th May to 30th May.

  • No sharing of gear and equipment

  • No contacts

  • No using of boxing ring

  • No padwork (whattttt???)

  • Face mask must be worn at all times

  • Participants must be 2 meters apart

  • 2 participants per group

  • 3 meters safe distancing between groups

There are a few more restrictions but these are the main concerns of the gym owners. With these measures implemented, definitely the training standard will be compromised and that is the last thing most gym owners want.

But fortunately, outdoor training is permissible, but also with some restrictions, but at least it's manageable. While some gyms decide to shut down their operation for the time being, some others choose to run their classes.

PFG Muay Thai is one of the many gyms that continues to provide classes during this period. They offer 12 outdoor 1 on 1 sessions during the weekdays and 7 classes on the weekend. It is pretty much like running a normal gym, but just outdoor! The difference between these classes is that they are only 30 minutes long! Seems kinda short, BUT, you get up to 20 minutes of solid muay thai padwork! Find them at 100Plus Promenade Gate 7. Don’t be shy to approach them and ask about their training. Just remember, stay 3 meters away! ;)

The down side of training outdoors is that you will need to put on sports shoes while working out. Yeah, it seems normal to exercise outdoors with shoes. But muay thai practitioners do not actually train with their shoes on when in the gym. So this gives them some discomfort. But if you do not feel comfortable with shoes on, then you can improve on your footwork in boxing for the time being! Zeus Fitness Singapore has outdoor boxing and muay thai sessions! Yes! If you are a member of Zeus Fitness Singapore, then you are very lucky! They train at Kallang Reserve Park every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Check out their Facebook and Instagram for more information. DM them to get the best outdoor training if you are in the Kallang area! They will be more than happy to have you joining the team. Like what Zeus Fitness Singapore owners, Hans and Kim say, “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle”. From this quote alone you know that they really genuinely want to see you improve!

As much as many gym owners choose not to have their sessions in the gym due to the safety measures, The Jungle MMA & Fitness decides to have both outdoor and indoor! Of course, they abide by the safety measures for their indoor sessions! But this is why this gym is different from the rest! They are innovative! They improvised their sessions in such a way where members can still enjoy training with their mask on! They offer a variety of classes such as Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing, HIIT, Outdoor Bootcamp. Wow! If there is a bout between Jungle MMA and Covid-19, I think Covid-19 would not even think of wanting to go for the second round. Jungle MMA is an all rounder, Covid-19 would get beaten up from all directions! Oh yes, I almost forgot! New branch at South Bridge Road coming soon! If they can open a second branch, then definitely their training is awesome.

Let’s talk about girls. ;)

I mean, let’s talk about 6 Sigma Gym, a muay thai gym specially meant for girls only! Boys, please don’t try to put on a wig and skirt hoping you can join their team! They are capable of kicking your a**. These girls are no regular girls you see on the street. Led by Coach Natalie, these girls have been trained well enough to stand up and fight against anything that comes their way. They started outdoor training recently at Koon Seng Park (behind Joo Chiat Complex Giant supermarket). You can find them everyday! Their 45-minute sessions are definitely THE session for all girls out there!

Last but not least, let’s talk about one of the pioneers in Singapore! A gym where you can easily spot a champion! A gym where champions are trained! A gym where champions train champions! Juggernaut Fight Club! Unfortunately, they have ceased their outdoor classes after the new safety measures of 2 pax were implemented. BUT, there is good news for you guys out there who are keen to experience training like a world class fighter! Their best fighters and trainers are offering private sessions at a discounted price of only $70 until 31st May. Definitely a chance not to miss!

Let us all work together to fight against this deadly disease by abiding by the safety measures. At the same time, do not neglect your health and fitness. Contact these gyms through their website or social media platform for a fulfilling workout!

Stay safe, stay 3 meters away from me! Ciao!

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