Why is skipping important in Muay Thai

Almost all muay thai gyms in the world start off their training with skipping. So what is so good about it? Many people who have never trained muay thai can actually skip quite well, but it is always that first muay thai session that will make them feel surprised. You can be a fitness addict, or even a boxer, but nobody does skipping using a heavy rope like what

muay thai gyms use. Not just that, you go barefooted, and skip for minutes. Generally most gyms go 5 to 10 minutes but some can even go 15 to 20 minutes of skipping. And what is so annoying about skipping using a heavy rope barefooted, is that if you miss a skip, you are going to get whipped on your toes. And that hurts! Ouch! Having said that, why is skipping so important?

Warm Up Routine

Warming up is a critical aspect of all workouts that should never be neglected. Proper warm-up helps to minimize risk of injuries and also improves performance during your training. The body is prepped for exercises by gradually increasing the heart rate and blood circulation to the muscles. Skipping is an ideal warm-up routine that can get the heart pumping up to speed and kickstart the blood circulation. At the same time, the shoulders and arms are also suitably warmed up, especially with the heavy ropes.

Strengthen the Leg Muscles

Done the right way, skipping can really work the shin and calf muscles. Not just any muscles, mind you. We’re talking about fast-twitch calf muscles for better speed and agility, as well as tougher shins. Yes, skipping is one of many ways to condition your shin.

Having strong fast-twitch leg muscles coupled with well-conditioned shins will, of course, translate to faster and more powerful kicks to smash your opponents into oblivion.

Improve Your Stamina

Just 15 to 20 minutes of moderate pace skipping or 7-10 minutes of fast pace skipping on a regular basis can really improve stamina and muscular endurance respectively. The best part is that you can do it in the convenience of your home, unlike jogging.

Coordination and Footwork

Skipping trains your footwork and coordination in which these are so vital in ring sports including boxing and all other combat sports. All the fancy styles like double unders, criss-cross, one-foot or reverse jumps can add swiftness to movements to out-maneuver the opponent in the ring. If you want to float like a bee, you have to skip it, skip it good!

So start loving the skipping rope as it is definitely one of the most convenient ways to workout. You can skip in your room in your pyjamas, you can skip while you are on a vacation, you can skip when you want to squeeze your workout time in your busy schedule.

Do not skip skipping! Enjoy!

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